Here's one we did earlier - live Wrestling from the Bridlington Spa.


That was amazing and I need

That was amazing and I need to write my college paper but love to watch fighting and both are doing great to win the championship. Such game are organized at international level and they all are professionals. The kids must avoid to use such things at home and don’t even watch such fighting stuff. Because after watching they trying to apply such thing and have bad effect on minds.

Nice productio!

Hello please elaborate,
1 What was the camera set up (brands and how many)

2 Did you use a wireless transmission and if so what system did you use

3 which BM Products are you using

4 Just tell me everything! LOL



Thank you for your kind

Thank you for your kind comments

Gosh this was 2 years ago now and was actually our first streaming job  -

We used 4 cameras - Sony Ex3s and Ex1s

Swithcher at that time was a TVS although we now use the ME2 Production Studio

Yes we had 1 camera with wireless transmission from Paralinx (might have been an HDMi Ace)

Here is a link to one of the matches

See video