ATEM @ London Fashion Week

Brightonart used an Echolab ATEM 1 M/E as the heart of a multicam production for Vaxhall Fashion Scout during London Fashion Week A/W 2011.

The HDSDI outputs from Sony EX1s were cut live with the ATEM output being recorded on a Blackmagic Decklink system, these live recordings were then very quickly turned round into same day edit uploads to the internet. The ATEM allowed for a significant workflow improvement (in previous years the shoots were recorded in-camera) and also an increased quality due to the uncompressed HDSDI workflow.

Additional AUX outputs from the ATEM were used to relay shows to projection screens, and allowed the flexibility to send graphics content to these displays, if required this could be done even during a live shoot, allowing for a very user friendly operation which reduced the staffing needs.

This is just one example video from the (how many??) shot during the week,


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