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Just a quick note to say that i have fixed the search functionality on - a PHP upgrade had broken something causing all searches to fail. I know how annoying this is for users so I'm glad to of found a solution and fixed the problem.

There are many other things which i would like to do to improve about this site but I simply don't have the time / resources to do them myself. I'm considering trying to raise some funds to enlist the help of an expert Drupal developer but I'm not sure how to go about this? Would people be interested in donating towards some upgrades and improved functionality? Perhaps one of our members is a Drupal expert who'd be interested in helping out with the running of the site? If anyone has any ideas about improvements and ways to achieve them i'd be really interested to hear them. 

In the meantime please enjoy the ability to search for things on the site once more! 


ATEM Protocol Unleashed

Hi folks,

Celebrating the three years anniversary of our pioneering work on implementing the ATEM protocol on the Arduino platform, we decided to give our libraries a serious overhaul and implement everything meaningful on that platform. In the process we decided to document it all and this is the result:

Welcome ATEM User

The ATEM User website is designed for users and potential users of the ATEM Vision Mixers.

The ATEM was originally produced by Echolab, in 2010 Blackmagic Design purchased Echolab, and they have continued and expanded the ATEM range.

We encourage discussion of all the ATEM range, both the new switchers from Blackmagic, and the old Echolab units, we hope this site will be a growing resource for ATEM users who can share tips and techniques as well as help with any technical issues that another user may have.

To take part in the discussions and add content to the site, please sign up Please ensure to fill out all the required information as accurately as possible. We encourage you to use your real name for your username as we find this helps people get to know each other better than if they are hiding behind a pseudonym.

We love seeing what other users get up to with their ATEM's so if you have any video from shows using the ATEM then please feel free to add it to the videos section

To be updated when new content is added to this site you can follow @ATEMuser on twitter.

This site is not associated with Blackmagic Design, nor Echolab. It is independently run and funded as a peer to peer resource for ATEM users.


So as ever there is a load of new stuff from Blackmagic at NAB. They seem to be in a refinement period where various devices have been upgraded or refreshed in different form factors which seems to of been in response to user feedback. 

There are some predicable things - a new ATEM 4k 2me Broadcast Studio switcher which is basically the same as the old 2ME but is upgraded to handle 12g SDI (ie 60fps 4k) -  a matching hyperdeck and texranex processors all running at UHD / 60. 

Hyperdeck 4.3 finally allows drive format in deck

After a few years we finally have the much requested "format media" option in the hyperdeck studio and pro. Shuttle users still have to use a computer to format but any rackmount hyperdeck model can now format its own media to either exFat or HFS+.

This is really important progress, live production users have always risked missing show start if they forgot to format the media in advance where as now we can simply navigate a menu on the LCD and format without need of a computer.

Download the update from

BMD IBC Announcements

Blackmagic have announced a range of new products at IBC, including a 1ME 4k Atem (looks very nice indeed), and the much asked for update to the Hyperdeck Pro to allow low bitrate prores formats for extended record times.

The email from Grant Petty follows...

Sorry for the recent down time.

There have been a number of issues with this website which were causing some nasty crashes on the server. I believe that I have now fixed these problems and so normal service should now be returned. 

Sorry that this took some time to sort out, as ever with these things it all happened at the worst possible time when I was on site at Camp Bestival without even a reliable mobile phone signal, let alone 3g / internet!

ATEM 3ME to be announced.

Just got wind of this, apparently coming at NAB is a 3ME ATEM with 23 video inputs, each will have upto 16 audio channels embedded and there will be a new combined control panel giving automated control over both the audio and video aspects.. 

Gran Betty says "The new ATEM mixers will further revolutionize live production, never before at this price point has a device been offered which offers so much power, we have taken pre-orders from major broadcasters including the BBC and SKY"

SITE UPDATES - Hyperdeck SSD Database + Live Stream Calendar

I've added a couple of new features to the website. 

The Hyperdeck SSD Database allows us to log which drives have been tested with the Hyperdeck, there are a huge number of SSDs available and it's clear that Blackmagic will never be able to test them all, so lets help each other out by logging our test results here. 

An interview with Kasper Skårhøj

In celebration of the release of the first fully comprehensive 3rd party hardware control interface for the ATEM switchers I have interviewed the creator  of the hardware Kasper Skårhøj. 

First a sneeky peek at the hardware which i feel is the most exciting release since the Blackmagic versions of the ATEM were announced.. 
Skaarhoj C200
(picture courtesy of Skaarhoj)
As you can see this is a compact control panel styled like a traditional broadcast switcher. What you cannot see from the photo is that this product is 100% opensource, meaning your free to make your own controller based on the design. If you prefer you can commission Kasper to make one for you, at a very affordable price point. BEST OF ALL THERE IS CURRENTLY A 30% DISCOUNT OFFER ON THE PRICE SO GET YOUR ORDER IN NOW TO GET A FANTASTIC CONTROLLER AT THE BEST PRICE.
I have put in an order for one of these for myself and will be writing up a full review as soon as I've had a chance to fully test it. Until then I offer the following interview with Kasper where he explains some of the principles behind his approach with opensource equipment.  

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