ATEM Studio/Talkback Converters AES In

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ATEM Studio/Talkback Converters AES In



I am interfacing a Talkback Converter (the 8 way unit) with a 4-wire intercom matrix. I have succesfully gotten the talkback FROM the camera operators out of the unit and into the comms matrix by connecting both an AES-analogue and also tried an SPDIF-analogue converter. I'm happy with that part.

However, I tried to feed audio back into the unit from the comms matrix so they can hear things. Using an AES or SPDIF converter and feeding into the talkback converter I can't get audio out into the operator headsets. Do I need to be sending this specifically on channels 15 or 16? Is there something special or harder about getting audio in the right format then extracting it? I was quite suprised the cheapy eBay SPDIF decoders worked on the output, but any tips on how to get return audio working would be great.





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Were you ever able to get the

Were you ever able to get the audio out to work? I am looking into the same setup...