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Websites offering streaming services

Hey there,

I was just wondering if we could briefly chat about what end-of-line service we use to stream event coverage.  I'd love to get a discussion going about pros and cons for different stream providers.

We've been using DaCast, and think they're great.  Besides having a reasonable pricing structure, they have great customer support on staff; it really seems like they care about their product and offering the best service they can.  Their analytics have a little room for improvement, but overall I'm very impressed!

What does everyone else use?



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The options are endless

For entry level streaming I don't think you can get any easier and cheaper than using MXlight to stream to UStream.

As a content provider you can use a free account and stream with  RTMP and a stream key. Yes this puts adds on your video but by simply having the end user sign in to a basic account they remove the adds. This is an incredible deal for only 4 dollars per end user. 

Recently I have been fiddling with AWS and Wowza both seem to require more advanced technical skills. Being a novice myself these routes have proved to take more time setting up but the control options might be worth it to those who need robust streaming options. 

Looking forward to see everyone else's workflow and excited to learn more. 

Chris Daniels



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I'm currently testing what

I'm currently testing what service to go for, but for my use, which is live events and concerts, seems really nice with a low cost total. We can't charge each end user as free viewing is part of the business strategy, and dmcloud seemed great when our events will vary a lot in size from event to event.



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I've just started using

I've just started using dacast,com and I'm pretty pleased so far.   

Interested in trying out their PPV capability soon as well - which looks better than some others I have used in so far as pricing methods and the ability to buy from within the player.



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I use I do

I use I do have a Dacast account as a backup and use them if istreamlive's servers are down or having trouble. Dacast is a very good CDN and would use them as my primary, but they do charge for iOS support (I think it's a one-tiem fee of $200. Someone can correct me.), where istreamlive doesn't. Their pricing structures are very similar and since I'm not a heavy streamer, I like the pay-as-you-go pricing. $75 lasts me about 12 months. My VODs are on EZWebPlayer. They've got VOD pricing that can compete with anyone ($15 per month, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited storage). 

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Hey guys, we using "" since than 4 years and we're really happy with it. We've tried Ustream and some german streaming services but none of these didnt met our needings.
They launched the "newlivestream" services which makes it a lot easier to broadcast events with huge socialmedia posibilities!
For bigger budget-clients we're using services from brightcove, which is also a perfect provider for professional needings.

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Hi Tom,

I'm looking for a solution myself at the moment. Events, small and sometimes large.
Can you maybe tell more about why you make which choice ?
E.g. why you would use Brightcove for bigger budgets ?
Can they offer something more or better than with the premium (or even basic) package of Livestream ?
Have you ever hit a limit (on viewers or bandwidth) of livestream ?

Thanks for your info.




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CDN Services

Hey gang!  My first post here.

I have been using for all of my streaming. Their pricing is very good and the service is very reliable. You can turn your service on and off as needed and be up and running in just a few minutes. I typically get the lowest bandwidth package for my "live account" ===streaming live.....and if you go over that amount you get bumped up to the next tier in pricing without any disruption in service. Also, if you call for help, they always answer the phone 24/7...that's a must.