Live stream - closed captioning services/solutions?

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Live stream - closed captioning services/solutions?

Looking for anyone who has utilized any live streaming closed captioning solutions / services. Curious if anyone feedback, things to be aware of / watch out for, and recommendations?




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Current Workflow?

Are you currently doing live captioning without the live streaming part? What is your distribution platform? Is the content scripted or ad-lib?
What type of encoder are you using for your live streaming?

There are two ways to deal with the captions - embedded workflow (608/708 - from the broadcast world) and "web based" where the timed text is applied to your stream and synced in some manner.

The embedded workflow requires a h264 Iencoder that supports NAI caption embedding and a broadcast closed caption encoder.

608/708 captions are only supported in SDI transport.

Link Electronics has a system (recognition and data embedding) Comprompter has a system (recognition and data dump to your data embedder)

Z3 Technologies, Osprey, Teradek and others all support the NAI caption encode. There are others.

YouTube Live will display these captions live as single line, and on replay as 3line (or however you configer your caption encoder)

Wowza will translate the embedded captions and display them in any of the renditions you create. I haven't tested how the "recorded" version plays back this information.

How do you get the caption information to the encoder?

Real-time voice recognition - works pretty well, not 100% but getting better every day

Hire a local (or remote) captionist, provide real-time audio feed and they provide the data back to your encoder. This used to require 2 phone lines, now it is all IP based.

Depends on the volume of your production(s) and how much of the support of the above you want to take on.

In all cases, make sure you get resulting files from the captioner or caption service. This will allow you to modify later, fix mistakes, or pick up blocks of "already captioned" video should you use it elsewhere.

There are 3rd parties that are listed on the YouTube live streaming support page for the "web based" captions - Can't speak to them. Sure lots of people use them.




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Wowza will decipher the

Wowza will decipher the implanted subtitles and show them in any of the versions you make. I haven't tried how the "recorded" adaptation plays back this data. holidays to India


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