Using the ATEM-Software without the Hardware

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Using the ATEM-Software without the Hardware


I´m searching a solution for me. Three times in a year I have a event. At the location there is a ATEM 1 M/E installed.

At home I have not the same hardware. But I want to train me in the meanwhile beetwen the events.

My idea is that i install the ATEM Software on my pc and a "ATEM-Simulator". Is that possible? Can I use the software without the hardware?

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If ATEM control software

If ATEM control software don't detect a ATEM Vision mixer, it will display a dialog window asking for a IP address and all controls are grayed out and disabled.

So you would really need a ATEM simulator software....

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There is currently no way to

There is currently no way to do this. Be interested to see how many +1s would appear, it's not the first time this request has been made, but as I have mentioned previously, there is probably no possible way to justify the cost of development of a simulator, when the cost of an ATEM is in fact so low. BMD almostly certainly would have one, but don't publish it. I have bits and pieces of a simulator, and I'm sure Kaspar has similar. 

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How about buying one and have a training session?

I wish when I started out we had a handson training class.

In a show or newscast it is fast paced.  Just having a program to talk to the BMD software

will make the lights change color and the T-handle move about, but seeing the

actual mixed video is the only way to learn.


I wouldn't even offer to write code for this.   Where are you located?  I'd offer a training session

for a thick steak and a beer....