ATEM Label Name

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ATEM Label Name

Just wondering if anyone knows how to get the label name of an ATEM

m_switcher.GetProductName(out switcherName);

Will get the Product Name ie "ATEM Television Studio HD", however I have given my atems a label ie "My ATEM - 1" as I have a few on the network and would like to show that name instead.



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Product Name

Product name is Fixed.. It is an indicator of what product it is..    This is a hard coded name inside the Atem not something you can change.

I do not know if you are able to see the "custom name" on the network..


What you could do if you have a Fixed network layout is make a lookup table based on IP adres.

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ATEM Setup

I know in ATEM setup utility you can change the name. Havent tested if that changes it with the SDK as our 1M/E is a stubbern child and doesnt like 1/2 the things we tell it to do.