Workgroup Videohub 12x24 to get going again

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Workgroup Videohub 12x24 to get going again


I recovered a used Workgroup Videohub without power, with a plug as in the photo —clic on it to see it complete— (it is specified "Power + 5V 6A"). In order to test it, I would like to know first:
- Where is the + terminal and the minus terminal on this kind of plug?
- Can I use a 5V 0.2-2.5A transformer? (see photo too) which is the one that comes closest to the stock I have. Or do I risk damaging the Videohub

I found it on Amazon, will it be good for me ? But how to know where are + and - ??

3rd question: what driver software do I have to download to drive it via USB from my computer? Is the latest Blackmagic Videohub 6.4 Update going to be compatible?

Thanks for your help