White blinking dots in all of the cameras

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White blinking dots in all of the cameras

Hi there!

I just got a Blackmagic ATEM TV Studio HD set up at my small production studio and noticed some white dots blinking all over the black areas of the footage coming from the cameras connected to it, I tried to search the internet about these artifacts but found nothing.
I tried changing cables, cable types (between SDI and HDMI) and even changed cameras, but no sucess getting these blinking white dots off my footage,

I first noticed these dots in the multiview monitor, but didn't gave much attention to this issue, since I thought these were just in the preview screen, but when I had the program recorded via DeckLink Recorder, I saw the dots in the recorded footage too

Does anyone have any information about this issue?



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Is your TVS HD on the latest

Is your TVS HD on the latest firmware??

Does it get hot very much??   These issues i have seen on older Atem units when they were overheating..  

Be sure your unit has enough posibility to have Airflow on the left and right side..


If temperature is right and you run the latest firmware i would urge you to contact BMD support.  As there might be an issue with the unit which falls under warranty.

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Are the dots always present on the same place or randomly dispersed true the dark parts of the image?

If random, you possibly notice digital noise due to weak signal and long cable...