Panasonic Lumix GH5 with ATEM Production Studio 4K?

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Panasonic Lumix GH5 with ATEM Production Studio 4K?

Hello Forum

I plan to buy a Panasonic Lumix GH5 for live production on an ATEM Production Studio 4K for my long shot.

I want to connect the GH5 via a BMD HDMI to SDI micro converter on my ATEM PS 4K. 

Is this possible? Does this config work?

I plan to use it in 1080p50 and in 2160p25 oder 2160p30 (29,97), is this possible with a Panasonic GH5?

Is this possible? Does this config work?


THANK YOU for your answers!

All the best,

Alex from Austria


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I see no reason not to

I have not connected DSLR's to my 1 M/E yet but I see no reason that should not work. I use a micro converter from a PC to feed a camera source so I see no reason a DSLR shouldnt work.

I will recommend you record in 1080p59.94 and 2160p29.97 rather than 24 or 30 fps just to ensure compatibility. Make sure you change the HDMI out on the camera to not include the controls / overlay. Other than that it seems straightforward.

One last thing: Make sure you use a HDMI extender. I've seen horror stories about HDMI ports breaking on the GH4 from being plugged in and out as well as yanked on, effectively removing all live broadcast capibilites from the camera. I havent seen this happen on the GH5 yet, but its still a new camera.



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There's a guy on YT

There's a guy on YT 'Photojoseph' his channel cvrs mainly photo / video/ tech projects. Does a weekday daily stream and lots of pre recorded stuff. He's on the gh4 / gh5 users support list, he uses them with (I think) a 2me / maybe a 1me, but his use case would be very similar with ur PS4K.

He's done several bts videos showing his atem setup, so might be worth watching a few of them to get a better idea how it could workout for you.





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