Old heat sink models

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Old heat sink models

Is anyone else experiencing problems with the pre-cooling fan models of the ATEM switchers? I own a 2013 1 M/E and have had to do a warrenty replacement on the unit twice. It finally died for good this week, and I'm wondering if my experience is typical.

In each case, the first warning sign was the AUX ports failing one by one.



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As you've been a member of

As you've been a member of his group for just over 2yrs now, I'm surprised you have no stumbled on the many many numerous posts regarding atem mixers and the failure of effective heat management. Many times have I read here that atems have failed due to excessive heat build up within the unit. Most (even with the newer atems) have made mods to them in an attempt to combat this. By either placing a fan behind the atem to prevent the heat build up, by placing them in cases with the correct heat management or by opening up their atem and replacing the small ineffective fans that come as std.




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From what I read this is

From what I read this is indeed pretty typical to happen.

Out of interest, did you keep it well cooled (with fans etc) when using it?

I have the same unit (which is possibly around 1 year younger than yours) and i'm waiting for it to die on me someday - fingers crossed it won't happen for a while!

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