New HP Laptop screen goes Black when connected to ATEM Studio HD

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New HP Laptop screen goes Black when connected to ATEM Studio HD

I am not sure if any expeirenced this problem, I made sure the Atem is setup to the same settings as the laptop output but no matter what I do once I plug in the HDMI cable from the latop tot he Atem the laptop screen goes black. This is a brand new HP i7-7700hq, 12gb ram, RX580with 8gb gpu. I have another laptop that I tested with the atem, intitialy even though the laptop settings where different I did not get a black screen but at the same time I did not get a feed till I changed the video card setting to match the atem and I was successful to get a signal through the atem.  The second laptop has an Nvidia gtx1050ti.  Both laptops use windows 10 64bit. I am not sure if the RX580 gpu has some kind of setting that makes it think I am connecting to a recorder and HDCP is disabling the screen.  By the way when I connect straight to an external screen it works fine, I can duplicate screen or extend it with no problem, it only goes to black when I go into the HDMI of the atem. Anyone knows what's going on? Thanks




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Had similar issues: I asume

Had similar issues:
I asume the internal Screen works right ? (if not try using the keyboard (FN plus some other key to toggele between internal, external, internal+external.)to get it shown).  Windows remembers such settings per Screen you attached so it may behave different if ATEM is connected then a particular Screen.
Also the ATEM acts like a display when turned on, he provides a valid EDID only after the Boot Process is finished and then dosnt restart a Plug Play Event.
hence i sometimes need to reconnect PCs after a frest power on to reconise the correct Display Settings.

Also you need to match the exact Format the ATEM is set to which on internal GPU is offten difficult, especialy if it come down to interlaced eg 1080i50 i25 i59.94

On a PC with an internal Intel GPU and a Displayport (Lenovo T4xx Series) i wasnt at all able to get it working with a straigt DP -> HDMI cable and i had to us an active DP-HDMI Kabel but then it did work.

Using a NVIDA Quadro Card id worked much better so far.


So i only trust my own PC i know do work and take them with me. BTW this is not onyl for ATEM´s if the Inputs are not Multiformat/Frame Conversion capabale the Device would need to exactly macth.


For senarios with customer equipment or even a bunch of presenter that bring there own Presentation hardware (PC/Tablet/Surface/MAC) i highly recommend to use some Frame Rate Converter/Scaler like the Datavideo DAC-70 or the Decimator MD-Cross v2 to ensure what you send to the ATEM is what he expect.