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Shift Button Example

Where can I get an example of the "Shift" button to use on an Xkeys panel? I'm interested in this to protect some of the setup functions when a system first boots up but haven't been able to find a specific example of how to do it.

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First define a SHIFT

First define a SHIFT button

It's a "Built-In" type of ATEMSHIFT, and is the 6th one on the list when setting up a button.

For testing (and fun) define a 2nd SHIFT, then check that when you press either, both light up. Now you can remove your 2nd one.

So lets say you have a "Setup Macro" you have allocated to a button. Lets pretend it's called "SETUP_MY_SYSTEM".

So you add a new script called "PROTECTED_SETUP_MY_SYSTEM" and write in it.

  • if ATEMMixerGetShiftState() then
  •     ScriptExecuteBG( "SETUP_MY_SYSTEM" );     
  • end; 

Now re-assign your setup button to the new macro.

Job done. Try it, press the button, it'll do nothing, hold a SHIFT key down and select the button and your setup sequence will run.

Should take you about 90 seconds.



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Thank you so much! This was

Thank you so much! This was very helpful and I knew it was simple but didn't know where to start.