Licence - Not working properly

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Licence - Not working properly

Hi all --

Any suggestions for a licence that isnt allowing me to use the features that are included in the level purchased?  Seems to be something weird going on.


 ATEM Mixer Count: 1
09 Jan 07:39:24.402: LUA[$078C1060] :  Licence Type: Just Macros Pro
09 Jan 07:39:24.402: LUA[$078C1060] :          Name: ------
09 Jan 07:39:24.402: LUA[$078C1060] :   Licence Key: -------------------------------
09 Jan 07:39:24.402: LUA[$078C1060] :        Status: Registered
09 Jan 07:39:26.371: LUA[$07197400] : Loading list of Lua Commands


Installed and showing in Device list

Decklink 4k Extreme

Decklink 4k Extreme

Atem 4k Production Studio on xx

New Caspar Renderer on xx

xkeys xk-80/60 with id of 0

xkeys xk-80/60 with id of 111

When I try to add a hyperdeck (yes hyperdeck) it says "You cannot add more than one CasparCG Renderer in the FREE version of JustMacros".



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It is the GUI and not the

It is the GUI and not the licence that is the problem.

The add hyperdeck GUI Button actually checks the allowed number of videohubs against the CasparCG Count.

You should use the command HyperdeckAddDevice from your autoexec.

I'll have another go at fixing the GUI over the weekend, but I just tried via a remote session back to my development box, and couldn't.