JustMacros: Switcher Name and XK-124 T-Bar not showing up

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JustMacros: Switcher Name and XK-124 T-Bar not showing up

Hi there. Two questions on JustMacros, if you could:

  1. 1In the "Devices Tab", it shows my switcher as: "TEST on"  Where does "TEST" come from? Know where I can change it? Just want to look as professional as possible.
  2. When I go into the "X-KEYS tab",I can see the XK-124 device, but it doesn't show the buttons like on https://secure.justmacros.tv/images/XKeysScreenBasic1.png It only shows 3 gray bars. Here's a visual: https://www.dropbox.com/s/f13t98lxdfywkum/Screenshot%202017-08-02%2010.40.44.png?dl=0 Anything I can do to show the buttons on the X-KEYS tab?  

- JustMacros_Patch_2_9_6310_20545.zip
- ATEM 2 M/E
- X-Keys 124-T-Bar



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I just started using JM

I just started using JM myself - so have some salt.


Have you tried selecting the XK124tbar name label in the upper left. Seems like that is when the key map reveals itself.

Regarding the same, seems like there is a description for naming when you add the device. if not, then you may want to delete the device and re-add it.