Hyperdeck and Justmacros compability

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Hyperdeck and Justmacros compability


Are people still using Justmacros to control Hyperdeck? If so, what version of Hyperdeck, and which firmware?

I own a Hyperdeck Studio Mini and I have made it connect with Justmacros, but unfortenately the Hyperdeck crashes after several hours of use. I though at first that it was something wrong with my Hyperdeck, but after testing with another similar device with the same problems I now think that the Hyperdeck Mini is not compatible with Justmacros. Hopefully John will fix this with an update.

I made some scripts which turn Hyperdeck into a powerful playback-machine for video: forexample video will play when ATEM-mixer cuts to the video-input, and when the video stops it will do another cut, and cue to next track. I could share some of these scripts if thats interesting, maybe you guys already have similar scripts. 

Has anybody tried the newest Hyperdeck-firmware 1.8?

Regards, Morten