Difference between JustMacro Versions

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Difference between JustMacro Versions

Hello all,

I just purchased a X-Key's XK-128 and I am looking to use it with JustMacros to control my ATEM 2 M/E Switcher.

I am curious the difference between the versions of JustMacros. I have downloaded the FREE version, I am wondering if I will need the paid version? If so, which one? I guess my first question would be what is an "Activation"? After looking at the license page on the JustMacros site the only major difference between the difference between the FREE and PAID versions is the addition of "Activations" 

The XK-128 will be used with an ATEM in a small control room, it will be used with the same computer and switcher everytime. I am not looking for anything difficult, all I need is Program/Preview bus for all 16 inputs, as well as Keyer control, and if possible the ability to control the 6 AUX outputs.

see link for my proposed layout; https://photos.google.com/photo/AF1QipMmX6yPNtrUY-oYY0d8sCVrvxuyfSOBsnB3...




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The Free version will work

The Free version will work for you. But, once you realize how powerful the application is, you should definately purchase it!

Its VERY VERY POWERFUL once you figure it out.