Basic Setup for Atem Television Studio and JustMacros

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Basic Setup for Atem Television Studio and JustMacros

Hi Guys,

we are trying to use Just Macros with X-keys XK24 and ATEM Television Studio. And it is very difficult to get it working. It seems that we are connected to ATEM using IP adress but all macros which we were trying to execute do not realy work. We didn't see any results in Atem. It is realy dificult to understand what is going wrong. Is there a basic tutorial or detailed documentation to get it working? I mean I need to know: 

1 How I can recognize that Just Macros is connected to ATEM?

2 How can I assign basic command script to any key of XK24 e.g. ATEM CUT command to key 1 in XK24?

Best regards, Andriy 



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Just look here...


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stretch has directed you at

stretch has directed you at the answer to question 2 - the very easy point and click setup for an XK24.

In terms of Questyion 1 and connection, if it's working it's connected, if it's not working it's probably not connected. If you plug the ATEM in after JustMacros has started and failed to connect, JustMacros will connect as soon as it becomes available, essentially exactly the same as the BMD Software.

If you really want to get advanced, you can enumerate all devices Jm is attached to and the connected state, using the "RangerDevice" prefixed commands, under "Ranger" - "Hide Ranger Raw Device Commands". 

This is essentially the same as the DEVICES tab within the GUI, so if something is RED on the DEVICES tab, it isn't connected and "RangerDeviceIsConnected" for that device will return false.