Gefen HDMI detective not working...

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Gefen HDMI detective not working...

Hello ATEM peoples,
My name is Malik Carter and I work for the University of Oklahoma Television service, we recently bought a ATEM 4k Switcher, and love it, BUT We cannot get any computer source into the ATEM to do graphics via HDMI. We looked around for solution and stumbled across HDMI detective plus on several forums. I researched it up and down, and it seems like you guys were receiving a very good amount of luck from it.

Well our (Detective Plus) comes into our offices today, and we cannot get any signal into the BM ATEM from Macbook HDMI to HDMI @ 1080i @ 60Hz and also PAL @ 50Hz. We also tried PC (Samsung with Intel GRFX card) HDMI to the ATEM with the 1080i @ 60Hz on both ends. Ran both without and with the Detective Plus. We also tried switching the pins on the detective plus and it still did not work with the ATEM.

Could anyone walk us through (in detail) using the Gefen HDMI Detective plus, Mac (or PC), and the ATEM. I'm I missing something?

ATEM Production Studio 4K
- 1080i @ 59.94

Macbook running 10.7.5 and 10.8.X [Graphics]
- 1080i @ 60Hz

Dell running Windows 8 [Switcher but can be Graphics if necessary ]
- 1080i @ 60Hz

(1) Gefen HDMI Detective Plus

P.S. we need help in the next 70hrs.

Malik Carter
OUTV, Student Lead of Remote Operations



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Did you solved? I have the

Did you solved? I have the same problem... :/



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Did you ensure input was switched to HDMI?

Give this a try.

In the ATEM software control.

Main page

Cogwheel lower left corner


Input tab

Input for #1  - change to HDMI and hit save.