CharacterWorks 2.0 - on-air Character Generator / Motion Graphics

CharacterWorks 2.0

CharacterWorks 2.0 brings several exciting new features, as well as lots of improvements and fixes.
You can download and test CharacterWorks yourself!

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Grid Controller Create your own simplified, button-based user interface to control all graphics actions, including TriCaster remote macro and playback invocation, handling even the most complex of broadcast scenarios, practically and efficiently.

Audio output is now supported. Audio files or audio streams within video files can be played together with graphics. In addition to being sent to output devices (e.g. TriCaster or DeckLink), audio can be previewed and monitored through the host system audio card.

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Key-Value Data Source A new type of data source that retrieves entries in Key=Value format from plain text files, making it possible to integrate data directly from most sources that work with LiveText. Supports dynamic updates through file watching.

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Chroma Key A state-of-the-art, real-time Chroma Key material/effect block, suitable for working with green/blue screen footage or input from live capture sources.

Playout Option Extensions to the Automation Editor that facilitate linear broadcasts with video or graphics playback scheduling. Display clip information with CW graphics through the Playout Data Source.
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CharacterWorks 3.5 Released

This new release contains several new features, lots of improvements (see below for a partial list) and many fixes, provided free-of-charge to our existing customers..

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You can download and test CharacterWorks yourself



Text Layout Engine Improvements and New Attributes
Automatic background size for text layers based on content. Animatable margins, tracking, line-spacing attributes. Word-wrap setting.

Web Grid Controller
Access the Grid Controller remotely over the network using any web browser.

Official Support for NDI 3.0
NDI 3.0 is now officially supported for improved image quality, performance and compatibility.

Support for the Stalker Pro II Sports Radar Gun
The Key-Value data source can now directly receive real-time speed measurements from the Stalker Pro II Radar via serial connection. Invaluable for broadcasters of baseball, tennis, or other sports.

Documentation now available online!
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Major Improvements and Fixes

  • Key-Value and XML/JSON data sources now support custom HTTP headers, thus HTTP Basic Authentication.
  • New Input Format setting for Key-Value and XML/JSON data sources allows data retrieval from web servers that do not correctly report HTTP content type.
  • CW Remote Control Protocol has been enhanced with new commands, including those that provide Grid Controller and Data Source related functionality.
  • Built-in web server. Very useful for web pages with custom user interfaces for remote control.
  • A random number generation function has been added to the CharacterWorks Expression Language (CWEL).
  • Reduced latency for Decklink and NDI outputs.
  • Several new sample projects and layers in the CW library.

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+1 for Characterworks

I use Characterworks for all my live broadcasts and I have to say it's a fantastic programme. The new feature in 3.5 of remote control of the control grid is a game changer and offers some exciting possibilities.


The programme does cost a reasonable amount and starts at about $2000 but if you are a professional live streamer or sports broadcaster it comes highly recommended.

I have no affilation with the company other than being a happy customer.




It is well packed and looks good for software.  I was rather amazed by the functions shown in the demo video. But i think it is pretty steep priced at 2,5K.  

There are several other software packages for half the price or even free (CasparCG)   Not saying they are that or evenly good or worse.. Can't tell because i never used this software before. 


But for small companies the price is pretty high..  You might want to consider a version with less functionality for a bit more affordable price.  Then smaller companies and highschools will be easier to get going with that.

And when people work with it and get more used to it, face some shortcomings of the of the Light version they will in the end upgrade to the full package. 

And yes i'm a developer myself.  I know how much time and work goes into good hardware / software.  And people got the eat right..  ;)   

But i do think 1K for a light version, Restricted to HD only, Pull out several big features, Build in some limitations on how much layers and or presets can be used..  And i think you will have a winner for a lot of smaller production companies that uses this kind of options only 10 times a year.. 

just me 2 cents

Daniel Wittenaar

Xtreemtec Media Productions

The Willows Developments

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