Can you use a 1080 60hz HDMI PC input with 1080p25 Cameras?

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Can you use a 1080 60hz HDMI PC input with 1080p25 Cameras?


First time posting here, just a quick question.

So we are looking to buy a Blackmagic ATEM Television HD but are unsure of the specifications listed.

(I have tried to contact Blackmagic support but that have been a bit useless getting back to me)

Here are the listed HD supports, we wish to run the system at 1080p25


But it also has a section called 'HDMI input resolutions for computers', where it mentions 60Hz

I was wondering if this means that you can have one type of standard for camera inputs, and another for our PC HDMI input.




We have a Nvidia NVS 510 Quad, but so far it seems it can only output at 60Hz, I can't seem to find a way of getting it to be at 25p.


Any help would be appreciated,

Many Thanks














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pc has to match camera and atem settings

I'm not sure what options you have for the nvidia card but if you right click on the desktop you should see nvidia control panel (update any nvidia drivers etc).

Go into there and setup multiple displays and choose custom resolution, you will be able to change the frequency and choose progressive or interlaced. 

Works great for me but for some reason my settings never save in the control panel so I have to do it every time I run the system.



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Custom resolutions...

If you go to your display adaptor properties, on the first tab "Adaptor" you'll see a button called 'List all Modes". if you click this you'll get a popup window listing all the resolutions and refresh rates the card is capable of. You should be able to set the card to 1080p25, if not, 1080i50 should also work.





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If you don´t want to change

If you don´t want to change the computer´s resolution (because it´s a company computer without admin rights), you can use for example a decimator md-hx to do the work.