Atem Television Studio & Pro Presenter 6

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Atem Television Studio & Pro Presenter 6


I made a similar post to this a little while back but looking for answers once again. 

Goals need to achieve:

Send Pro Presenter output to Atem Television Studio (For video played on screens)

Goals want to achieve:

Send Pro Presenter Lyrics Keys to Atem Television Studio for Live Feed overlay 


Alright, so here is a quick rundown of the system:

Audio, and two cameras feed into Atem Television Studio

Atem TV outputs to HyperDeck Studio, and Live Stream Feed.

Atem TV USB connects to MacBook Pro for seperate Live Stream feed to Facebook 


Then we have the MultiView Monitor plus output from HyperDeck Studio as a preview. 


For our projoectors:

ProPresenter 6 on iMac 2013 (Has two thundebolt ports)

2 front projectors + 1 back wall projector. 

Back projector doesn't match resolution for front which requires a seperate feed. 


Two thunderbolt outputs into converters to VGA. 1 VGA runs direct to Back wall projector

1 VGA goes to converter to Cat6 which then runs to another converter at the projectors which brings it back to VGA. 


The iMac outputs 1280x1024 for Front and 800x600 for back. 

Atem video is set at 1080i and we need to keep it at that resolution. Any solution to this since both thunderbolt ports are occupied? 

There is the possibility to throw in a Windows PC into the mix but that would require more hardware.



Any help/suggestions are appreciated!





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Here in this article, you

Here in this article, you give the complete view of their studio and I am sure you work so well. There are so many studios in the world but you have to install bestessays with all the things with the best way and try to make this studio so unique. It is really amazing to know about your studio.



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I wrote a long answer to

I wrote a long answer to this, but refreshed the page instead of posting and can't be bothered to type it all again, but the gist of it is: You can't do it with GOOD quality - you can probably do it if you don't care about stretching your image in the Y-direction. Look for the Datavideo DAC-70, which can take VGA in.