Adobe encoding for HyperDeck/ATEM playback

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Adobe encoding for HyperDeck/ATEM playback

This is based on some informaiton I learned from Blackmagic's great support team. I couldn't find it easily on the web, so I thought it would be worth posting. I wrote it up for our internal production team and thought it may be useful to post here for posterity.

These are important notes to follow, especially for events that require:

  • Playback from the HyperDeck
  • Source video from a Mac

The issue is that the ATEM cannot handle sources in different formats. At this time, the deciding factor is the computer video which is fixed at 59.94fps. ATEM configuration

  • In ATEM setup: Output as 1080i/59.94


  • It appears that the cameras can be set to a 29.24 frame rate

Important constraints for HyperDeck

  • Format SSDs (according to the rep EX/FAT is preferred, but they take longer to read/write under the MacOS)
  • Okay to format on the Mac or the Deck
  • Make sure the SSD's are on BM's approved list
  • All video on the SSD must be encoded identically and correctly otherwise only one video (with the earliest date) will show up.

MacBook configuration

  • Second display must be set to Scaled, 1080i, 60Hz (NTSC)
  • Arrangement: second display to the right of primary
  • If the Mac isn’t showing up as an ATEM input, try toggling to a different video setting and back

Video encoding for HyperDeck playback
1. Create a new preset (so you can re-use it later)
2. Name it HyperDeck-ATEM
3. Format: QuickTime
4. Based on Preset (any - you’re changing it completely)
5. Click on Match Source (don’t know why but this lets you change codecs)
6. Codec: Apple ProRes 422
7. Uncheck preset boxes so you can change Video Settings as follows...
8. Set width and height to 1920x1080
9. Frame Rate: 29.94 (interlacing doubles it to 59.9)
10. Field Order: Upper First (forces Interlace)
11. Aspect: Square Pixels (this is the default, actually)
12. Check Use Maximum Render Quality

Comments, corrections welcome!


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