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Hi Tom,

Can you give a personal recommendation on the MCSDI-1 from Focus Enhancements? Do you use it in your setup? I have 4 Canon XH-A1s and would like to ditch the Blackmagic Mini Converters because of mounting difficulty. What is your overall impression of the MCSDI-1? My local dealer hates Focus Enhancements and I saw that you confirmed compatibility with the ATEMs. I am hoping that you have some personal experience with them.


I don't really like the focus

I don't really like the focus boxes - they seem a bit flaky with hdmi sources and i've had issue with them sending long distances.

The Blackmagic battery converters are quite good - mounting is an issue as they don't have the tripod screws of the focus, but the internal battery is very useful for handheld cameras and runs for a couple of hours before needing recharging. 

I would use 3M DualLock ( ) to mount the converters to cameras - the would allow easy exchange when the battery needs charging. For fixed cameras you can always use the mains adaptor with the battery then providing redundancy in case the power adaptor get pulled out. 

As a bonus the BMD HDMI to SDI converter works on computer outputs too - they are a very handy way to get computer signals into switchers - the focus boxes do not work with computers.