Macbook Pro

Computer System
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Resolution Tested At: 
1080i 50
Resolution Tested At: 
720p 50
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Silverkeys Macbook Pro with 512 GeForce 8600M GT connected via DVI to HDMI cable.  ***Please note- our MacBook Pro (higher end model) would not display absolute full screen when used on "mirror" display setting. This is normal, because the Mac itself does not support 1920 by 1080 on the primary display, since it's 16:10 ratio. Therefore, you MUST use extend mode and place whatever you want to use on the SECOND screen, otherwise you will be left with a small black gap all the way around the image!! A good way to do this is also just close the lid, and the unit will switch to primary display, and there you go.  Basically, just run Powerpoint or Pro Presenter or whatever in "presenter mode" and you will be automatically set up correctly. If you are using the MacBook to play a video, etc, I find it much easier just to create a PowerPoint show and use it to run the "slide" with the video contained within. Plus, this makes it much easier to trigger the video anyway, and you can have a black screen before and after quite easily. Thank me later.