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1080i 60
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Reasonably priced HDMI scaler that can convert most laptop VGA outputs to 1080i HDMI for input to a ATEM TV Studio switcher. Has VGA pass-through that makes it ideal for livestreaming a meeting/conference.

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I recently purchased this

I recently purchased this unit. The VGA passthrough works fine, but I can't get the BMD TVS to accept the HDMI signal. I've got a small HDMI monitor that the HD510 HDMI signal works on, and I can change the settings in the Atlona's menu.

I've got the TVS set to 1080i 59.94 and the Atlona HD510 set to 1080i59 - no dice. The cable was able to send the HDMI signal straight to the laptop, but through the HD510, I haven't got it recognizing it yet.

Thoughts? You guys using identical settings?

Further testing of above scaler

Good day,

Has anyone done anymore compatibility testing with this scaler and the ATEM ME/1?:

I'm UK based so would like to be able to scale to 1080i or 720p. I see that it should be able to do this, but as always with these things, it's reassuring to hear from someone who has had it working successfully at a specific setting.

Many thanks,

Pablo Hazzah

It no longer works with the

It no longer works with the 1ME and firmware 3.2 and above.   It still works on my TVS with 3.2 firmware - which I am now using as a way to feed VGA inputs to my 1ME.   e.g. VGA -> Atlona -> HDMI -> TVS -> SDI prog out -> 1ME

What a waste of a $1000 box - just because Black Magic decided to "tighten up" their inputs in 3.2,   They have publicly stated they are going to fix this... but no word on when that might be.

EDIT: I just noticed this is a different model to the version I use - but I suspect the same issue will be present.

Liam, So you are able to get


So you are able to get HDMI out of the 500 into the TVS? What settings do you have on the Atlona unit and on the TVS? Its encouraging that you're able to get it working with version 3.2, hopefully I can duplicate with the HD510 unit.

TVS is running in 720p5994

I'm using 720p5994 on the TVS and the Atlona is set at it's 720p60 mode.

Hmm, doesn't work for me.

Hmm, doesn't work for me. Looks like maybe a small difference between the 500 and 510.

Thanks for the reply all the same. I think I'm going to move on to find another solution. Too bad, this seemed golden for what I was doing but I suppose it wasn't meant to be.

I actually called Atlona and they're aware of the issue and they say so is Blackmagic....but it may be a few weeks before there is a workable solution or verison update.