Decimator MD-HX

Scaler / Processor
Connection Tested: 
Connection Tested: 
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Resolution Tested At: 
1080i 60
Resolution Tested At: 
1080i 50
Resolution Tested At: 
720p 60
Resolution Tested At: 
720p 50
Resolution Tested At: 
Resolution Tested At: 
Pass / Fail: 

Tested on  Production Studio 4k.  HDMI input works at all 1080p and lower resolutions/frame rates.  SDI FAILS on 3G signals (1080p50, 1080p59.94) but works on 1080p29.97 and all lower modes.


This was my experience with

This was my experience with the Decimator MD-HX as well. I think the 3G SDI signals fail because the Decimator is expecting and outputting a different 3G SDI level (Level A) than the ATEM supports (I think Blackmagic only supports Level B).

I was able to get an Atomos Connect converter (which accepts both 3G SDI Level A and Level B) to recognize the 3G SDI output from the Decimator MD-HX.

Overall the Decimator MD-HX has a pretty nice feature set for the price considering that it can do scaling and frame rate conversion in addition to being an HDMI to SDI converter. If they'd just add an option to set which 3G SDI Level to use, they'd have the HDMI/SDI converter to beat.

Decimator Update...

I've got more info on the Decimator-ATEM 3g-SDI compatibility issue.  Rick at MissingLink checked into the SDI driver chip that Decimator is using and it can only do Level B over a Dual-link (2 coax cable) connection, which isn't there in the hardware, and wouldn't work with ATEM even if it were.  So, the ball is in Blackmagic's court to fix this.  The good news is that the 3g-SDI chip BM uses in the 4k ATEM (probably a Semtech GS2972, or GS3490) can do both levels A & B, so it'd be a firmware only fix for them to implement this.

On another note.   When the HDMI output of the Decimator is set to any of the 4:4:4 options, the blacks are crushed and highlights blown out on the ATEM.  With the 4:2:2 modes set, the grey scale is correct. 

Decimator now supports 3G level B

From today, Decimator Design now supports 3G SDI level B for 1080p60/59.94/50. You can now also use the MD-HX to convert between level A + B. To enable these features, update to the most recent version of the firmware (currently 2.0.6).

This is great news

Yes! 3G SDI Level B support is fantastic and the Decimator MD-HX can now be used to convert between 3G SDI Levels A and B and set to work with Blackmagic ATEM switchers running at 1080p59.94 (or 1080p50).

Great value for the price point, and even just being able to detect and read the video input and output formats on the LCD is a useful feature that few other converters have. And now that it works with a wider range of signals (and other hardware), the MD-HX is even better.

The only other compact converter I know of that can do 3G SDI Level A to B conversion is the AJA 3GM which costs twice as much and lacks any scaler and frame rate conversion features.

Now if only Blackmagic would enable support for both 3G SDI Levels in all of their products, maybe we wouldn't have to use so many converters!

3g Level B

Thank You, Thank You, THANK YOU!

Glad to find out that the info on driver chips I got was incorrect  :-)

I'll be putting the new firmware though its paces in the shop in the next couple of days before I fly out on the next gig.