TV One
Scaler / Processor
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Connection Tested: 
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1080i 50
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720p 50
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crashes on C2-2355A at 576i

I am using this scaler too, but had issues connecting the ATEM's HDMI connection to the scaler's DVI connection.  The C2-2355A actually crashed when it was connected to the HDMI inputs of the ATEM. Latest firmware 368. I was working in 576i. Filed a problem report at TVone 10 months ago, but they are not interested in solving the issue. They actually didn't respond at all to the problem report, until I raised it to high level, then it still took several weeks before they responded. For tech support I would not recommend TVone.
Connecting SDI to/from the switcher in 576i works well.
This scaler is very good at its job, but it is a nightmare to control the menus to set up your sources, output resolution etcetera.