3.1 Compatible DLL Source Code

Since I don't have time these days to update all this code, here is the code I used to compile the DLL in Visual C# 2008.  Hopefully someone will be kind enough to update it and re-post it as I did until BMD releases an official fully COM SDK.


360 Product Integration....ECHOLAB

Echolab 3408/3416 Interface with 360 Systems 2000 Image Servers and MAXX Video Servers

ATEM 3.0.1 API (Should be Full COM)

Use the 3.0.1 API Example with this dll.  This should allow FULL control of the switcher (if I did everything correctly).  Also works with 3.1 but without the audio control.

ATEM Genlock best practice

Many people have reported issues with the ATEM losing sync on inputs when running a genlocked system. It seems that people have had the most success / stability by disconnecting the genlock input of the ATEM and using the analog output as the timing source for your sync pulse generator. 

The attached diagram shows the needed connections for this to work. 

ATEM Photoshop Key Instructions / Demo

Here is a quick demo I created to show how to use the photoshop plugin to create graphics for use as keys on the ATEM.

Atem Tally Simple Circuit

Just a simple circuit for LED tally from ATEM GPI / Tally box.

Comms - RTS to ATEM Studio Converter

Connect the Digital RCA In / Out of the Ultramatch to the AES Out / In of the studio converter. 


Connect the Analog of the Ultramatch to the RTS SSA-324 using a cunstom cable wired as in the diagram attached. 

Conductor User Guide..... ECHOLAB

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Conductor User Guide..... ECHOLAB

Configuration Tools User Guide...ECHOLAB

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Configuration Tools User Guide...ECHOLAB

Custom Intercom Solution attached

Decklink Keying Capability

I've combined a few decklink SDK docs showing the external keying capability of various decklink cards. This info is somewhat hard to come by so i thought i would be useful to archive it here, 

DNxHD Test file from HyperDeck

A quick test of the new mov wrapped DNxHD produced by the HyperDeck - this should load in any quicktime capable application so long as you have the AVID QuickTime codecs package installed. (Download the codec from http://avid.custkb.com/avid/app/selfservice/search.jsp?DocId=372311 )

Sorry it's just bars without audio - all my gear is out on a job currently so I didn't have the chance to make a motion video test! I will endeavour to update this next week when I have everything back in the studio.

Echolab ATEM firmware backups

This is a rar archive of the compact flash card which was supplied as a backup with my Echolab ATEM - hopefully this will help anyone who has suffered compact flash corruption on their echolab switcher.

Please check the manual for directions to correctly format the compactflash card.

Echolab ATEM Operation and Installation Manual

The original Echolab ATEM user manual.

Echolab ATEM Product Overview

Original Echolab ATEM Datasheet.

Echolab ATEM Tools

Here is the installer package for the Echolab ATEM Tools. 

Firmware for Echolab Overture 2 Panel

Also firmware for Echolab Overture 2 panel

Firmware for Echolab Overture 2 SD Frame (Opera 32/16) version

Firmware for Echolab Overture 2 SD Frame (Opera 32/16) version
I deleted the graphic files from the folders NTSC/PAL alphas, stills, wipes , since they have a large size (400 mb)

Hipporemote ATEM controller

This is my ATEM control patch for the Hipporemote iPhone app. It is not really very useful but could be interesting to people who already use hipporemote.

I would certainly not recommend a touch screen for mixing video, it is lacking any tactile feedback that real buttons provide.

Unzip to your hipporemote dropbox folder to install.

iPhone control interface for ATEM

A work in progress to control the ATEM software over a wireless connection for iOS devices.

Key Exmaple

A graphical explanation of upstream and downstream key types.

Nova1416_V2_4 ECHOLAB



Nova1716_32_V1_3...ECHOLAB USER MANUAL

Opera 3716 _32_ V4 ECHOLAB

Opera 3716 _32_ V4 ECHOLAB

Opera 3716 _32_V4......ECHOLAB.....USER MANUAL

Opera 3716 _32_V4......ECHOLAB.....USER MANUAL


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OVERTURE 1 SD Operation Manual

Overture1 Configuration Tools User Guide

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Overture1 Configuration Tools User Guide

Overture1 SD User Manual rel 2

Overture1 SD User Manual rel 2........ECHOLAB

Overture2 Preliminary Manual.....ECHOLAB

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Overture2  Preliminary Manual.....ECHOLAB

Remote AUX Manual_1.0.6


Remote AUX Manual_1.0.6.......ECHOLAB

SyncGen_Manual_V1_3 ECHOLAB

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Understanding and Managing Conversion Delays in Live Production Systems

This PDF from Echolab explains how to minimize input to output delay in live digital video production.


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