Site search fixed

Just a quick note to say that i have fixed the search functionality on - a PHP upgrade had broken something causing all searches to fail. I know how annoying this is for users so I'm glad to of found a solution and fixed the problem.

There are many other things which i would like to do to improve about this site but I simply don't have the time / resources to do them myself. I'm considering trying to raise some funds to enlist the help of an expert Drupal developer but I'm not sure how to go about this? Would people be interested in donating towards some upgrades and improved functionality? Perhaps one of our members is a Drupal expert who'd be interested in helping out with the running of the site? If anyone has any ideas about improvements and ways to achieve them i'd be really interested to hear them. 

In the meantime please enjoy the ability to search for things on the site once more! 



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