Hyperdeck 4.3 finally allows drive format in deck

After a few years we finally have the much requested "format media" option in the hyperdeck studio and pro. Shuttle users still have to use a computer to format but any rackmount hyperdeck model can now format its own media to either exFat or HFS+.

This is really important progress, live production users have always risked missing show start if they forgot to format the media in advance where as now we can simply navigate a menu on the LCD and format without need of a computer.

Download the update from https://www.blackmagicdesign.com/support/family/disk-recorders


This is really important

This is really important progress!

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Hyperdeck and got the new notification for their drivers. All these drivers are good and showing us many kind of working which bring some change in the online assignment of these things. Hope we are trying to make these things more better.