ATEM 3ME to be announced.

Just got wind of this, apparently coming at NAB is a 3ME ATEM with 23 video inputs, each will have upto 16 audio channels embedded and there will be a new combined control panel giving automated control over both the audio and video aspects.. 

Gran Betty says "The new ATEM mixers will further revolutionize live production, never before at this price point has a device been offered which offers so much power, we have taken pre-orders from major broadcasters including the BBC and SKY"

The BBCs head of HR added " we are so happy with the new ATEMs, its just super how BMD have redesigned the broadcast workflow. Now we can get rid of that annoying audio guy and pass responsibility for almost every aspect of live production to a couple of interns who we don't have to pay, in turn this provides better value to the license payers who now can see live TV with the same quality of production as your average youtube video" 

Pricing is yet to be announced but it is predicted to cost slightly more than the director spends of coffee each day. The product will launch at NAB with an initial specification featuring the audio mixer only, future firmwares will add video mixing and coffee brewing facilities..

I can't wait to get my hands on a trail unit and will be sure to report back as soon as i have tested it. 


Very funny Tom!

Very funny Tom!

I sure hope this isn't a

I sure hope this isn't a cruel April fools post... I think something like this is quite likely though.

Edit: the likely part would be something relating to audio and a possible 3 ME solution. The part about directors coffee, price, and the BBC is clearly a joke. We can wish at least....


This may finally give us macros from BMD for the mac platform. 

Maybe even open up multi format options. 

Something we should have had for the 2 me from day one. 

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that has to be an april's fools joke...

ain't gonna happen !